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Globe Telecom is one of the leading providers of telecommunications services in the Philippines. This company operates one of the largest mobile and broadband networks. 


Before implementing the Sales Cloud, powered by the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM), Salesforce, with the help of Third Pillar, Globe’s sales team experienced the challenge of doing everything manually. 


Globe also had a sales management system, but it wasn't easy to use and get information. They had to be physically present in the office to upload, encode, and update their pipeline. The sales leaders were also doing different reports. Having this type of process made their productivity compromised.


How it built a stronger connection with customers 


Marianne Quiambao, formerly the Head of Globe’s Enterprise Sales and Account Management, wanted to free up her team from manual processes and heavy tasks. She wanted a solution that automates processes and increases productivity.


Together with Third Pillar and Salesforce, they automated most of their processes. With Sales Cloud, they can prioritize doing more important things while improving turnaround time.


This solution enabled Globe to build a stronger connection with its customers. According to Marianne, their win rate increased and account management handling reached an all-time high. 


“Having Salesforce is probably one of the best decisions we made regarding automating our sales pipeline,” She said. “So even with the pandemic, we are very fortunate to have experienced a year of record growth in the enterprise group.” 


A 360-degree view 


Ivy Cuejilo, the head of SDA Transformation of Globe Enterprise Business, discussed its positive impact on the account management team. She explained that Salesforce gave her team visibility, real-time reports, and a full view of the customer relationship. 


“When the AMs got used to using the platform, they saw the value of it that having real-time reports, of having visibility of that relationship with their customer actually helps them plan better on where they want to take that relationship.” Ivy shared. 


Partnerships beyond integration 


Carlo Malana,  the chief information officer (CIO) at that time, shared his thoughts on an ideal partner. He looks for something that brings in more value and goes beyond delivering services. Globe wants a partner that continues to grow with them not only in present projects but also in the future. 


“We have partners, for example, Third Pillar, that have been able to not only deliver what we asked for but also anticipate and understand the true business objectives of why we want a particular product or service,” Carlo said. “And we appreciate that ability to innovate together, co-create together– to come up with an end product that truly makes a difference on how we deliver to our customers.”  


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