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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 19 December 2022– Third Pillar announces its regional expansion in Malaysia by beginning a long-term alliance with Credence, a TM Group company.


Launched in July 2022, Credence is a digital and born-in-the-cloud services company that helps enterprises and the public sector better understand the technology landscape and embark on meaningful, low-risk digital transformation through its cloud advisory, migration services and custom development capabilities and analytics.


To achieve this goal, Credence partnered with Third Pillar, a trusted Salesforce implementer, the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM). This solution lets users access leads, opportunities, and pipelines in one view.


Image Source: Data&StorageAsean

Third Pillar’s implementation will serve to drive innovation in Credence’s team. Another goal is to accelerate their processes to build stronger relationships with customers.


“This is part of our regional push to empower enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Patrick Tan, the Senior Vice President, and Managing Director of Asia-Pacific at Third Pillar. “As Credence is our first customer in Malaysia, this opens doors to many opportunities.”


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