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Customer expectations are changing rapidly. As data increases, it’s crucial to create strategies that put customers at the heart of the business. 


Last November 24, 2022, Salesforce– the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM)-- hosted its annual event, Salesforce Live: Asia to announce the latest product innovations, share customer success stories, and show insights from industry experts. 


Salesforce virtual streaming event reveals new tips on how Salesforce Customer 360 makes businesses more efficient and resilient while boosting productivity. Let’s take a look at how this world-class solution empowers business leaders with its consistent innovation. 


Empowering Customer Data with Salesforce Genie 

Salesforce introduced Genie, which shows customer magic by providing an infinite scale to the data. This platform can bring real-time intelligence, insights, and automation throughout the departments and transfer data into one graph. It’s an adaptable platform that adjusts to customer data changes while complying with privacy regulations. 


Salesforce Live: Asia showed how it can change the way sales reps provide personalized experiences, segment marketing data for better campaigns, and enhance reports in Tableau, a data visualization platform.


Increasing employee productivity 

Businesses should provide a flexible way to collaborate when it comes to collaboration. Salesforce adapts to this approach by announcing the release of new features from Slack, a platform that boosts employee engagement and productivity. They revealed new functionalities that make this platform easier to use, including the video huddle feature with multi-person screen sharing and message threads.


Insightful customer success stories with Salesforce Customer 360

Singtel, the leading communications technology group in Asia, experienced the challenge of complex and fast-changing customers. Their team aims to put its customers first. 


For instance, a logistics firm providing transportation services uses Singtel’s services. For this telecommunications company to promote its new 5G features for logistics, the marketing team curated a new engagement journey and launched a new campaign for increased lead generation. 


However, this campaign is targeted to a certain profile. Salesforce provides a personalized dashboard that displays a view of the current pipeline and opportunities and rich data from the logistics company. It also shows insights to help the sales rep support the logistics firm better.  


Gaining lessons from business leaders 

Salesforce Live: Asia featured its other Trailblazers to share insights on how technology empowered their businesses. They discussed with the three guests how data and innovation played a role in their strategy: 


  • Jessica Noble, GM & IT Business Partner, International SOS– a company that provides services related to customized health, security risk management, and well-being solutions. 
  • Wan Irfan Wan Ismail, Head of Corporate Platform Services, PETRONAS– a Malaysian global energy group that provides cleaner conventional and renewable resources, along with advanced solutions and products. 
  • Umesh Ramakrishnan, Data Manager, Traveloka– a travel and lifestyle platform based in Southeast Asia. 


In the panel discussion, the guests talked about the growing demands, business goals, and tips for ensuring innovation. These Trailblazers had a similar goal of making their organizations customer-centric with technology.


The impact of Salesforce provides companies with complete control of the opportunities and better collaboration for increased sales productivity. To discover more insights about the Salesforce 360 platform, watch the full virtual event here


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