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Manila, Philippines—Third Pillar Business Applications, Inc., in partnership with Automation Hero, launched the webinar, Automating Industries: Hyper Automation and the Future of Finance OperationsIt discusses how Finance Automation helps businesses enhance operations, especially in the Philippines where many businesses still rely on manual processes. 


A lot of manual processes bog down productivity within finance teams and cause pervasive complications due to human error. But an automation solution can fix that! 

The host and Third Pillar's Product Marketing Manager, Patrick Segovia discusses the benefits of Finance Automation with Mark Stripp, Automation Hero's Vice President of Sales, and Mark Edioma, the Senior Project Manager of Third Pillar.


The Billion-Dollar Cost of Human Error


J.P. Morgan Flags $2 Billion Trading Loss - WSJ

Big and small businesses can learn from this billion-dollar blunder. Business Insider revealed that JP Morgan Chase, an investment banking company, lost more than $6 billion as a result of excel spreadsheet errors. It includes alleged copying and pasting of incorrect information from different spreadsheets. 


Manual processes put many businesses at risk. While this is not widely known in the Philippines, the London Whale incident is a cautionary tale for businesses that did not implement intelligent processes yet. 


How do avoid costly mistakes?


In this webinar recap, you'll learn how this artificial intelligence (AI) and automation platform helps finance operations automate and avoid costly mistakes. Gain over 70% ROI due to elimination of manual labor and empower finance teams to perform value-added tasks, such as management reporting and decision-support analysis.


[ACTIVE WEBINAR] Automation Hero Automating Industries, Next Level Hyperautomation and Finance Operations (2)


Discover how Third Pillar's implementation of Automation Hero can help your business implement AI and Automation by watching the FULL webinar here


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