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MANILA, Philippines- This local bank from the Philippines aims to empower small and medium enterprises (SMEs) since it plays a crucial role in economic growth. It gives opportunities for them to boost revenues for this year. 


SMEs are a major driver for sustainable economic growth, providing local trade and employment. But, working capital funds need a jumpstart to enable their success — and borrowing is key. This presents opportunities for banks and other lending institutions to boost revenues for the year.


However, agile SMEs focus on speed and will choose the fastest lender to resolve their financing needs.


Third Pillar, through the use of Automation Hero middleware technology, helped a local bank gain a competitive advantage by connecting and integrating its multiple systems and manual processes, resulting to:


- Three times faster credit investigations and loan approvals, while improving credit risk profile

- Exponential growth in loan portfolio profitability

- Proactive monitoring of internal processes & performance


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