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CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES - Globe Business recently featured Third Pillar’s implementation of the leading customer relationship management (CRM), Salesforce, in its Next Gen CX booth at the IT Interaction Philippines (ITIP) conference. 


ITIP– an association of IT professionals and practitioners from top corporations– had its 19th Annual National Conference with the theme, “Imagining IT Beyond the Pandemic", last November 10-12 in Cebu City.


Addressing inquiries beyond engagement


With customer experience (CX) set to be the number one brand differentiator in the coming years, enterprises are encouraged to elevate their customer service. 


Globe Business deployed its Next Gen CX booth aiming to showcase its solutions to help companies improve their customer experience capabilities. Visitors enjoyed a physical-guided simulation game with rewards and tokens after successfully finishing the objectives.


Communicating with customers is another crucial factor in shifting to the next-gen CX. Globe's GO Cloud Contact Center makes it easier for enterprises to provide multichannel contact center automation that serves the needs of large organizations. 


Globe Business also aims to empower enterprises through the right balance between security and flawless CX. Booth visitors viewed Globe’s Cybersecurity Solutions which provide an additional layer of protection to the company. Enterprises can eliminate password fatigue by Single Sign-On for identified user apps gateway and the cloud while protecting enterprise data by securing endpoints and networks. 


Positioning the right interoperable solutions

One of the solutions featured by Globe was Salesforce Service Cloud - a powerful Case Management platform that leverages customer lifecycle data to provide a holistic view of the customer. It enables enterprises to close cases faster and more efficiently with a personal touch, even in a digital environment. 


With Service Cloud, the participants discovered how to log, manage, and analyze the cases which contain the customer’s concerns or inquiries. Users also experienced monitoring live service level agreements (SLAs), which ensure timely handling of the cases and access to the knowledge base, making solving similar issues easier.


Salesforce Service Cloud can be integrated with various platforms for a more unified experience. Channels such as telephone, email, web chat, and mobile phones can make their way into the platform. If necessary, downstream processes can integrate and facilitate transactions such as Enterprise Planning Resources (ERPs), Order Management Systems, and Asset Management Systems. 


Discover how Third Pillar brought this use case to life by watching the customer testimonial here


A trusted Salesforce implementer 

Third Pillar continues to guide businesses by being trusted solutions implementers of CRM, data management, e-signature, e-procurement, and automation. Their team looks forward to empowering enterprises locally and globally. 


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