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Globe Telecom, one of the leading telecommunications groups in the Philippines, had experienced many challenges in running its business to the ever-changing demands of the market. One of the hurdles they found especially difficult is how their previous applications support team had the tendency to be transactional with their users and leave most of the problems to their team.

To solve this pain point, they wanted to improve operations that will not only resolve issues but have a partner to ensure their business growth. This is why Globe had chosen Third Pillar as an excellent match to their needs.


Third Pillar is an IT consultancy that provides best-in-class solutions such as customer relationship management (CRM), data management, e-signature, e-procurement, and automation solutions. They implemented their Center of Excellence (COE), a team of experts dedicated to providing Incident Management, Feature Rollouts, Solutions Consulting, and Release Management, for the frictionless implementation of Salesforce into the company's current tech infrastructure.

Below are some of the highlights of how this solution empowered Globe’s team.

1. Faster Processes

With the COE in place, Globe Telecom’s business admins focused more on urgent, human-centric tasks rather than technical issues.

“We were able to get small changes done very quickly instead of having to wait for them to be launched as a full project,” said Ron Castro, the Director of B2B IT Segment, at Globe.

2. Right expertise to fix issues

Third Pillar’s COE is the primary operating arm that helped Globe’s team experience accelerated growth.

“This year, they have excellently performed for us month on month, with an average rate of 100% request fulfillment and 98% issue resolution,” said Angelo Luspo, the Platform Portfolio Manager in Globe.

The team's engagement with COE allowed Globe’s team to deliver minor-grade solutions to the business. Third PIllar handled issues and fixed incidents with their top knowledge and expertise.

3. A true business partner

Third Pillar supported Globe’s technical team with definite and concrete solutions and it helped them to more effectively negotiate with them on functionality. Ron explained,“Third Pillar is a true partner, helping us get to our business outcomes and not just to our delivery targets.”


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