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One of the leading telecommunications in the Philippines, Globe Telecom, realized that its tools were not scalable. Even when they transitioned to a well-known system, it was not made for customer-facing teams.

They had to do the tedious tasks of copy-pasting, manually pulling reports, and having no automation tools in their everyday work.  They realized how unsustainable this was long term. But then they partnered up with Third Pillar, a renowned IT consulting firm that offers e-signature, data management, automation, and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. 

Third Pillar worked with Globe and implemented their very own Salesforce Service Cloud, a customer experience solution. With an agile approach and a two-week sprint, they were able to give this platform to the team, enabling faster customer-facing processes for the company.

The Director in Enterprise Group - B2B Customer Experience Management, Zarina Araque-Agorilla, shared her perspective on what it’s like to work with Third Pillar during an interview with her regarding the solution.

“The engagement with Third Pillar was nothing short of amazing.” She said.  "They are extremely competent." 

During the Salesforce Service Cloud implementation, they experienced simplified reports generation through drag and drop features, automated customer surveys, and created an automatic case in non-resolved issues of customers.

“With these, we were able to efficiently utilize our manpower and deploy them to more complex tasks.” Zarina had said. “I wouldn't choose any other vendor if we have a similar deployment in the future”

It was a big win for Globe, and Zharina had a great experience working with Third Pillar.

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