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PETNET Inc. is a company providing remittance, loans, foreign exchange, and a variety of other financial products and services to their customers. The company grew its portfolio and embarked on a massive expansion program through its retail network PERA HUB.  


In solving this challenge, PETNET’s team needed a solution that enhances processes, engagement, and technological capabilities. Together with Third Pillar, they received the implementation that is fit for their business needs.

Third Pillar is an IT consultancy that provides best-in-class solutions such as customer relationship management (CRM), data management, e-signature, e-procurement, and automation solutions. They implemented Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud from the world’s #1 CRM platform, Salesforce, to improve customer experience and engagement.


Implementation Experts 

As an implementation partner, Third Pillar deeply understood the pain points and challenges of PETNET. They reviewed the customer experience agenda. 


“What I like about their methodology is basically they understand our pain points,” said Godfrey Santos, PETNET’s Assistant Vice President for Customer Experience. “They had this wide portfolio of companies they have already served and they bring in the leading practices and infuse it with a personalized methodology that they think would make us successful in our initiatives.” 


Nikki mentioned Third Pillar’s hands-on approach to the project. “What I really appreciated from the project Team who handled this from TP is that there were regular cadence meetings that were happening.” She said. “Everyone is in the know of how the project is going, what are the things we’re supposed to do, and when we need to deliver them.” 


Stronger Customer Relationships 

With Third Pillar’s implementation of Salesforce, PETNET addresses customer inquiries more effectively compared to the previous system. 


“Now, we get our customers with touchpoints that are readily available to answer their most basic inquiries," said Nikki Robas, the Marketing Head of PETNET, Inc. “From the 14 hours that it would take for these inquiries to be reverted, they get answered almost instantly now. 


After the project, Third Pillar still supports PETNET’s team and continues to guide them throughout the innovation journey. “I think that reliability is there when we need them the most,” said Godfrey. “Being relevant with the recommendations that they are providing, providing options that matter, and providing the same genuine care that we provide to our customers.” 


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